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Do you want your workplace to be more inclusive? To hire and promote people based on their merit alone?

You may believe your workplace is fair, but how do you account for unconscious bias? And how do you address the inherent unfairness someone of a different race, gender, age or ability may face?

EDI Coaching is here to help.


We carry out training coaching and diversity workshops, helping your team understand unconscious bias, and to become aware of their unconscious bias, so helping themselves to reduce it.

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What is unconscious bias?

Unconscious or unintentional bias is widespread in the society and in the workplace, and it is usually unrecognised. It is often based on outdated and irrational assumptions about the roles of racially diverse people, people with disabilities, men and women, peoples' ages, sexuality, religion/belief at work. It can reveal itself in language, behaviour and decisions that inhibit the potential recruitment and progression of skilled individuals.

It usually means businesses are not acting in their own best interests by failing to make the most of all available talent.





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What happens in our diversity workshops ?

Our unconscious bias workshop is a half-day session, from 9.30am to 2.30pm. It is an informative and interactive session to help understand the impact of unconscious bias on their working and everyday lives and become more aware, less biased and more inclusive.

This course explains how we can overcome our unconscious biases to improve decision making and professional and personal relationships. Interactive activities and discussion to engage with and examine the most current issues of diversity and inclusion.

Unconscious Bias Workshops





How will it help?

Our diversity workshops will help you recognise examples of unconscious bias and its effect on your environment. It will give you the tools to become more aware and more inclusive. We will provide you with statistics, insights, tips and guidance to help you prevent it in the future too.

If you are interested in an unconscious bias workshop, email andy@edicoaching today.

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Working with businesses, charities, religious organisations, schools and colleges.

Our diversity workshops are always face-to-face at your place of work, offering the unique experiences of people who have encountered bias in person. We find this approach really brings home the impact unconscious bias can have, and also the potential loss to an organisation this can result in. In our workshops, you and your team will gain the skills to begin to address individual and organisational biases and explore the subject in an open and engaging environment.











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