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Unconscious Bias Workshop Based In Birmingham team

Unconscious bias workshops

What will the workshops entail?

Our workshops offer the opportunity to increase self-awareness, learn new information and get up to speed with the latest research on equality diversity inclusion. Our unconscious bias workshop will also show how diversity inclusion may be impacted by unconscious bias.

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Current workshop on offer:

  • Half day workshop (9.30am - 2.30pm)
  • Provides information and interactive session
  • Helps teams understand the impact of unconscious bias on working and everyday lives
  • Interactive activities and discussion


Workshop themes

Themes covered in our unconscious bias workshop will include: 

The impacts of bias and discrimination

An exploration of the concept of unconscious bias

Understanding our own


The case for diversity and making difference work

Effecting change within our organisation

Next steps and individual goal setting





 Unconscious Bias Workshop Based In Birmingham team building


Delegates will be invited to take part in activities:

  • Before the workshop you will be asked to take the online Implicit Association Test and to contribute examples of biases you have noticed in your own everyday lives
  • During the training, you will take part in guided discussions on various issues related to EDI and unconscious bias and practical activities (group and individual) to illustrate key points
  • After the session, you will identify personal learning/action points and aim to achieve them in your workplace




By the end of the unconscious bias workshop delegates will:

  • Be able to describe what unconscious bias is and how it operates in both individuals and organisations
  • Be able to identify possible bias in yourself and others
  • Be able to identify biases in your thinking and know how to manage the inappropriate behaviours that those biased attitudes can create
  • Be able to implement practical strategies to help you deal with subtle and unconscious bias in the workplace
  • Be able to define stereotyping, perceptions, assumptions, attitudes and prejudices and understand how these can operate outside of your conscious awareness
 Unconscious Bias Workshop Based In Birmingham team building






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